Why should I learn how to dance Latin music?

Well, first of all it is an amazing way to meet new people all around the world as you can see on our gallery pictures! Also it is a very interesting way to spend the time at parties and of course burning some calories!

Are there many types of Salsa?

There are different kinds of Salsa, such as Salsa Calena from Colombia, Salsa Los Angeles, Salsa New York and Cuban Salsa

As for cuban salsa:

  1. It is easier to learn than any other Salsa and it looks just as pretty and good as the others
  2. Is the only Salsa designed to dance in groups! (World Record: 1102 people at the same time)
  3. It can also be dance with only your partner!

Which classes do you offer at the moment?

All of our classes are explained here

What is the price of each class?

All of our prices are explained here